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About Jenny Eden Berk

Wife, mother of three spirited girls, a Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach. I am passionate about helping people attain a beautiful relationship with food, body and self. I’m an adventurer at heart, restless to learn new things and curious about people. I love yoga, cooking, entertaining, taking improv classes and generally relishing everything life has to offer.

Most importantly, I am earnest and genuine about helping others. I strive to work with people to not only achieve their weight and health goals but to move beyond weight loss to get to the root of their eating and body concerns and find peace within themselves, about themselves. Email anytime at if you’re looking to get in touch.

Work One-On-One

One-on-one coaching sessions give us the best opportunity to dig deep and help get to the root of your eating and body concerns. Click here for more information about what I can do for you.


We want motivation.  And we want it now! Yet, for many of us, this undeniable and powerful twinge of excitement to take action towards something is only fleeting and never reliable, consistent or sustainable. Yet, we still search for this elusive motivation, which inevitably slips through our fingers seemingly at the drop of a hat. […]

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Whether you want to work one on one in person or in a group, on the phone or over Skype, I can set up sessions with you that gives you the most flexibility to fit your busy schedule. Click here to learn more.


She single-handedly taught me the importance of not judging yourself or others. Still to this day, I think of her when I work on accepting myself as I am. Jenny’s sincere coaching style also enables her to have long-lasting client relationships that are built on trust. I know can call her any day, at any time, and she will always give me the guidance and advice I need. She has truly transformed the lives of hundreds of clients, as well as my own.
-Margaret from San Francisco


Special Events

Join me for one of my upcoming speaking engagements or body healing women’s retreats! Click here for the upcoming calendar of events.