11 Strategies for Healthy Vacations and Work Trips

Do you ever have the sense of wanting to just “give up” on your health and wellness goals when you go out of town because it just feels too hard or overwhelming?  Lets face it – maintaining healthy behaviors for a sustainable period of time is hard enough when you’re home and in your normal routines.  Sometimes getting out of town and being in new environments is enough to make anyone want to take a break and just hope for the best.  While I firmly believe people should truly enjoy their vacations and do “let go” a little bit on trips and vacations, here are some strategies that won’t take too much time or energy and may end up giving you an edge up for when you return home to continue on your path of wellness.  Good luck and sound off below if you have others to share as well!



  1. healthy vacation strategiesCall your hotel ahead of time – ask for a microwave and fridge in your room.


  1. Ensure the hotel has a fitness facility or find one nearby


  1. Bring a hand blender in your suitcase and use ice in the hotel floor levels to make smoothies


  1. Plan for healthy snacks on the plane (after security of course)


  1. Bring portable healthy, perishable snacks in bag – granola bars, oatmeal, nuts, dried fruit etc.


  1. Rent a car and/or walk to the nearest supermarket upon arriving – get carrots and hummus, bananas, etc for snacks and to supplement meals that might be more difficult.


  1. When having group dinner’s, plan on macro-nutrient balanced meals – i.e. protein, whole grain and lots of veggies.
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  1. Opt for ONE extra “treat” per meal be it bread, alcohol or dessert.


  1. Plan to go for short walks in and around the hotel between meetings if it’s a work related trip or for sightseeing. Go for walks on the beach if in a tropical locale.


  1. If planning to go to restaurants, try to look at the menu ahead of time and decide in advance what you will have.


  1. Drink plenty of water, especially on the plane both ways – to avoid travel bloat.



Most importantly – Relax and have a great time!!!

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