4 things to do with left-over Halloween candy

Halloween Candy

I love Halloween just like the next person.  


I live for anything kind of chocolate that has peanut butter in it (yes even Reese’s pieces) and just because one might be a health coach or a nutritionist, an MD or even a trainer doesn’t mean they don’t like to occasionally eat candy, even the junkiest kind.  In my work with clients, I’ve railed against this all or nothing thinking in lieu of balance and pleasure.  So, in that spirit and in that world of balance, there will always be a place to enjoy candy on Halloween, to lavish in a delectable Christmas cookie or even some extra pie on Thanksgiving.

When we can approach each food opportunity with curiosity instead of fear, we can learn to be at peace with our food choices by exploring what drives us to make certain choices and why we may even overindulge in times like this. (hint: it’s partially because you see those food as forbidden and thus it becomes more alluring to you)  When we allow our internal wisdom to intervene we have an immense ability to know exactly when to eat and when to stop. When you view food in this manner, you are in control versus food being in control of you.

Learning the techniques necessary to do this takes time, practice and effort but in the meantime here are some practical ways to support you with this often difficult holiday.

Here are 4 things you can do today, to help reduce the over-whelm of post-halloween without resorting to stealing all your kids candy, videotaping their reaction and sending it to Jimmy Kimmell

1.  Give the extra candy away the next day to troops. Try this organization.


2.  Bring the leftover candy to work and put in the common area with all the other lonely and discarded almond joys and banana flavored Laffy Taffys (am I projecting here?).


3.  Choose 2-3 mini pieces per day and savor them and eat them mindfully (click here to learn how to do this).


4.  Send out an SOS on my Wellness Warriors Facebook group and let’s strategize together and most importantly support each other.  After all, with the big league holiday’s coming, this is just the beginning.


What are some ways that you handle Halloween leftovers?  Please comment below!