5 Myths about Mindful Eating

5 myths about mindful eating


Mindfulness is here!  It’s being used as stress-relievers, pain management, binge eating cessation and more.  In fact there were 477 research papers on mindfulness by 2012.   And, nearly 100 randomized controlled trials on MBSR had been published by early 2014.

We know that Americans eat way too fast.  We also know that we are often distracted and disconnected when we eat as well, setting off a cascade of problems ranging from not knowing when we are full, GI distress from eating fast, and making poor and capricious food decisions that we regret later.  Mindful eating is an important skill to learn and yet is elusive to many of us because of our busy lifestyles and our routines.

I went from speedy gonzales with eating to a tortoise’s pace and have reaped the benefits ever since.   Think Mindful Eating is not for you?  Have concerns about it are just skeptical?  Here are some common myths about this whole mindful eating thing.


 5 common myths about mindful eating:

1. “It’s boring”

Not true. Slow does not equal boring, it actually equals bringing pleasure and sensuality into our eating. (that’s anything but boring right?)


2. “I’ll have to become some spiritual long-haired hippie to do this” 

Nope. Lots of non-spiritual, short haired folks practice mindful eating with great success!


3. “I’ll never be able to have “junk food” again if I have to eat mindfully”

Again this is false. In fact, when you eat mindfully, you can truly enjoy and savor the foods you love most of all WITHOUT the concern of overeating the food.


4. “I’ll have to also practice yoga and meditate!”

While these ancillary activities are very healthy and beneficial, one can eat mindfully without adopting other similar practices.


5. “I don’t have time to eat mindfully, I’m too busy!”

Ask yourself – how much time to you have to watch TV at night? to surf the internet? And do other types of activities? The truth is that people MAKE time for what is important to them. One of the problems about why we are often food obsessed, sick and fatigued is actually part and parcel OF our busy, non-stop lives. Many people find when they stop to make eating the sole activity versus having it being a chore to get through to get on to the next obligation find they are happier and healthier overall. (which by the way, likely will give you more time in life as a whole – a longer and richer life at that)

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