6 Ways to Embody your Body

Have you ever been very deep in thought, or involved in a quiet activity when suddenly, without notice, someone taps you on the shoulder. Your heart may race, you get solidly grounded in your body and its almost as if you went from head to body in a second flat. That, my friends, is what it means to embody our bodies. Many of us, most of the time, live in our heads and not our bodies. When bodily symptoms occur such as a nagging cold or headache, sure, we are aware of them, but we take our meds and hope that we can soon be back in our thoughts. I’m not suggesting that we need to suffer or feel miserable. I do, believe, however that in order to fully appreciate the good, we need to experience and feel the bad.   Many times – we hide or will away any uncomfortable symptoms in our body with the hope that it will go away on its own.

When I feel anxiety, for example, I feel it all in my back – all the tension gets balled up there and stuck. For years, I took medicine and ignored everything else getting back to my busy day. Now, I take a few minutes to do some deep breathing, some yoga and stretching and even better, sometimes do a full out workout. By getting into my body and out of my head, it works out the anxiety more than anything I have done just working through a problem in my head. Embodiment is a tool I use as well to help people with negative body image. Learning to be squarely IN your body now, versus in the future when you hopefully will lose 10 pounds or dreaming about when you used to be a size 2 effortlessly, can only take you away from accepting and loving your body as it is right now.


What are some other ways to embody your body? Check out these 6 embodiment techniques below and let me know your ideas as well!


  1. Take a yoga class. These classes are designed to have you breathe, focus and be completely in your body.


  1. Do mirror work. Sample looking in the mirror and notice any/all negative self talk thought bubbles that occur. Acknowledge and thank them and continue to try to look without judgment. Sample doing this 5-10 minutes a few times a week.


  1. Go for a walk outside without distractions – feel the wind on your face, notice the smells, and be aware of the crunching leaves beneath you.


  1. Do a 5 senses inventory – pick out your favorite scented candle or perfume and take in the aroma. View nature. Eat your most delicious foods that you love and savor every bite. Touch someone you love and have him or her touch you. Listen to music and take in every note, every instrument, the tone of the singer’s voice.


  1. Do some deep stretching – get to those tight, uncomfortable places and allow yourself to feel the discomfort fully before moving on to a new position.


  1. Meditation allows for you to notice your breath, which is the anchoring point in your body. From there, you can notice all other things going on within your body as well as your mind.




What are your best techniques to move from mind to body?



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