7 Unusual Ways to Release Stress


Stress is culprit in much of the malaise we feel.  Stress and the subsequent elevated levels of cortisol, norepinephrine and other stress hormones causes inflammation over time and affects our body on the cellular level.  Stress is no joke and entire modalities of wellness are devoted to techniques and strategies to reduce toxic stress in our lives.  There are common ways to achieve this that include meditation, exercise, eating balanced foods, massage etc but looking beyond those strategies, I wanted to share some out of the box methods to help release and remove stress in our bodies.  Some of these suggestions completely revolutionary for you and others may not at all be for you.  Keep an open mind and give one or more of these a go next time you’re having “one of those weeks” or can feel the slow build of stress rearing it’s ugly head in the form of headaches, belly aches, fatigue and irritability.  From my perspective, we need all the strategies we can get.  


Do you have any unusual stress release strategies?  List them below in the comments!


1. Shaking


Shaking is literally exactly what you think it is.  It’s letting your body shake all over and thereby releasing tension in our joints, muscles and ligaments.  The shaking also stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system.  Oh and it’s free and you can do it anywhere.  I tried this at my gym after a workout guided by one of the trainers and while we all looked and felt silly, it truly made me feel great afterwards.  Click here or here for more info about shaking.


2. Visit a stress/break room


It’s also called and anger room but the concept is the same:  Gear up, go inside this room and break a bunch of stuff without any untoward consequences.  Yep, don’t tell me you’ve never been tempted to throw a glass against a window during a particularly stressful period or when you feel sudden anger or rage.  Now there is a way to release that energy in a safe and socially acceptable way!  Sweet!  Sadly, they don’t offer these in every city but here is one in Atlanta that you can get the idea of what it is.  Road trip anyone?


3. Sip on miso soup or Twig or Bancha tea


When we are in a stress response our PH balance across bodily fluids become more acidic (leading eventually to inflammation).  Properties and minerals in Miso broth and certain teas help to short-circuit the stress response and course correct electrolyte imbalance, in essence calming down the nervous system.  Amazing right?  Miso and twig tea (other green teas would work as well!) have highly absorbable minerals that enter the system quickly.  I use this strategy at times for my binge-eating clients because it helps them prevent or lessen the severity of a binge.  Check here for more information about bancha or twig tea.


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4. Buy a punching bag


Because, well, why not?  Next best thing to the break/stress/anger room.  Check out this one.



5. PMR


Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple and easy way to release tension and something you can do anywhere at any time.  The basic idea is around tensing and relaxing all of the major muscle groups in your body from head to toe.  The understanding is that by tensing these muscles deliberately and then releasing will provide a greater and more thorough relaxation response in that muscle.  Click here for more information about PMR and some step-by-step techniques and strategies to get started in practicing this.


6. Floating


Have you ever gone floating?  Floating is an experience where you literally float in a tank filled with epsom salt that keeps you aloft without any effort.  The tank is warm and it is completely dark and quiet allowing you to quickly enter a meditative state.  According to certain experts, floating can bring about a lucidity that can foster intense creativity, serenity and peacefulness.  Some people even experience mild visual hallucinations whilst floating.  Obviously, not for the feint of heart or for those with claustrophobia, but if you’re looking for a really unique and mind-expanding experience, this is for you!



And for the really adventurous, open and touchy-feely type…..



7. Hire a professional cuddler


I realize that this is likely the most “out there” suggestion of the list but bear with me for a minute.  We are human beings and we need physical touch and closeness to help release those feel good hormones we all love like serotonin and dopamine.  Lets face it, not all of us have people in our lives to cuddle or spoon with when feeling stressed.   So, there are literally professional cuddlers who will come to your house for some good old fashioned snuggle time.  The professional cuddlers abide by a code of ethics and every cuddle encounter is completely platonic.  For anyone who wants to look into this for themselves or a friend or just to see for yourself that there are indeed professional cuddlers out there, check out this link or this one here.


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