8 Reasons why Embodiment helps Body Image

how to feel good in my swimsuit this summer

Embodiment is essentially agreeing to be in your body no matter what. We spend so much time in our heads that we forget to drop into our bodies to experience the whole remarkable spectrum of sensations the human body can feel and experience. Add a splash of body-kindness and confidence and you will be amazed at how incredible you feel, without losing a single pound!

Here are the reasons why learning how to embody your body can help in your body image healing process.

1.Too many of us live in our heads and don’t drop into our bodies to get the lay of the land.


2.When we are in our heads too much, (monkey minds) we lose touch with subtle cues our bodies give us around hunger and satiety, emotions, stress etc.


3.Part of what heals our body image is agreeing to be in our bodies in the first place.


4.Embodiment and body-reverence is not about falling in love with your body, it’s about tuning into the purpose of each of your body parts and how it serves us.


5.We believe that we have to look a certain way, move a certain way and eat a certain way or be a certain age to truly feel good in our skin. That is not true. There are lots of powerful ways to feel good in the bodies we have now.

6.Embodiment is the precursor to mindful eating and an empowered relationship with food.


7.Tuning into our senses and the powerful ways they guide us and help us feel alive is a step towards body-acceptance.


8.The best thing that you can do to get ready for summer is to raise the white flag on your body and not focus on short-term aggressive weight loss out of fear of bathing suit season. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need to do a single thing to change your body in order to feel good in it?


Luckily, I have created an EPIC challenge to help you learn how to do all of this easily, effectively and best of all joyfully.


We start, Monday June 4th so don’t delay – sign up right away.

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