9 things my kittens taught me about eating and exercise

Meet Nori and Hazel.

why do my cats act like dogs?



These gorgeous sisters are the newest addition to our household and we love them so much. They do everything together. But their favorite activity of all is to eat and eat with utter abandon. Unlike other cats I’ve had in my life, these 2 mean business. They will literally eat anything I put in front of them including my spicy cashew korma and even devour marinara sauce. They climb the tables, lick the butter off our bagels if we don’t act fast and generally create havoc at the dinner table not unlike a dog would during a family meal.


Loving their marinara sauce


It got me thinking about what a peaceful existence kitties have with respect to food and exercise. Unlike humans who obsess over how and what we eat, these feline babes just know what to do naturally and take it all in stride. Most importantly, they just live out their lives and appreciate every second that they are eating.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all took some pointers from these Siberian beauties around what eating and exercise really are meant for?

Below are 9 important things my kittens taught me about eating and exercise.


1.They purr while they eat – we should all be that happy when we eat.


2.They eat with abandon and without worrying what other people think.


3.They use their powerful sense of smell to determine whether or not they should eat it.


4.They don’t agonize over the kitten chow vs. the purina, they’ll eat whatever looks good to them.


5.They know when to start eating and when to stop naturally.


6.They don’t eat standing up, eat too fast or feel bloated after.


7.They’re secretly laughing at people who diet. They know what’s up.


8.They play for exercise and never pay high prices for a gym.


9.They don’t eat when they are stressed. (can you even imagine?).


I think we can all learn a lot from our non-human friends.  As animals we all have the unique ability to intrinsically know how to nourish ourselves, how much to eat and when to stop.  In order to get there, we need to wade through the external noise and muck that has infiltrated that in-born ability that we had early on as babies and toddlers and get back in touch with communicating with, listening deeply to and respecting our bodies through food and movement.

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  1. Amber says:

    Oy. I wouldn’t recommend marinara sauce (or anything spicy) for cats. It sounds like your kittens may have mild food aggression if they go after your food that much and that aggressively. Try more kitty-friendly foods like pumpkin, cooked eggs or spinach! They are both very adorable, by the way. We currently have two kittens – they’re a handful!

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