Being Ok with your Own Nudity

Some people relish in their own naked bodies and can appreciate the nuances of their skin and particular body make up and shape. Others, not so much.

I’ve always been in the not so much category. I have a rather large booty which has always been a source of insecurity for me and while I’ve always had a slim waist and tummy, after 3 kids that was nothing to boast about either.

In general, I’m ok being naked I can walk around the house in the buff like the best of them– but I’m not what you would consider an exhibitionist by any means. You won’t see me streaking down a street block any time soon nor skinny-dipping on some nude beach

As part of my recent midlife crisis, I felt I needed to generate some healing for myself in the body image department and come to accept my ahem, “assets” and accept my post 40 and post baby body. Its definitely easy to say, yet harder to do.

Enter Abby Bernstein – a dear friend and incredibly talented artistic nude photographer. She suggested that she needed to get me into her studio to photograph me nude. What is special about Abby’s work is that through the use of light and shading, she is able to elicit beautiful, mercurial images of different body parts that are stunning, unique and decidedly not boudoir or overt in any way.

I was intrigued and terrified but I decided this was something I must do, to help heal myself from years of my own body shaming and insecurity. The experience was nothing shirt of exhilarating.

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As I trust Abby unconditionally so being naked in front of her was a hurdle that wasn’t too difficult. What was harder was becoming comfortable in my own skin and moving and posing naturally without trying to impress anyone. Abby’s first comment to me was that I had a fine “padunk a dunk” i.e. booty and that instantly made me laugh and put me at ease.

After 2 hours in her studio I felt bold, alive and sexy. And despite being apprehensive about seeing the photos when they were done, it did in fact have a healing effect on me. I was proud that I stepped way out of my comfort zone, was brave and challenged myself emotionally. I was very pleased with the photos and grateful that she was able to create images that I was shocked to know was actually me.

Would you want an experience like this? It’s yours, if you take the leap. Get in touch with Abby – these photos are for your own personal use and would never be shared with anyone else other than who you want to reveal them to. I actually showed more people than I thought I would because it spoke more of my journey to healing than the image itself.

If you want to get more information about Abby’s work check out her website:

Or you can attend one of my women’s retreats upcoming in October to experience first hand the power and beauty of your own body. Info about retreats TBD!


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