I had the pleasure of sharing an office with Jenny for over 4 years while she coached clients. Soon after meeting her, Jenny also became my life coach. I can tell you without a doubt that Jenny is one of the best health and lifestyle coaches I have ever met. With each client, she brings compassion and empathy when discussing their struggles and goals. Many coaches are thinking of how to respond while they listen to their client. However, Jenny sincerely listens with the intent to understand first. This is an important quality to have because it enables her to provide individualized coaching that is much more genuine and effective. She single-handedly taught me the importance of not judging yourself or others. Still to this day, I think of her when I work on accepting myself as I am. Jenny’s sincere coaching style also enables her to have long-lasting client relationships that are built on trust. I know can call her any day, at any time, and she will always give me the guidance and advice I need. She has truly transformed the lives of hundreds of clients, as well as my own. I will forever be indebted to Jenny for all of her contributions to my life.-Margaret from San Francisco

I lost over 100 lbs with the knowledge, support, and guidance of Jenny Berk, my weight loss coach. Using the tools and skills she taught me, I am happy to say that I’ve kept it off for over 12 years and continue to put her techniques into practice when choosing my meals every day. Before starting with her, I felt very out of control with my eating. She taught me how to take back control, plan and prepare healthy and satisfying meals, and make healthy eating a new way of life that fit into my busy schedule. I love that she was not only a mentor and coach, but also a friend – someone I have reached out to at different times over the years when I’ve hit roadblocks. In every instance, she worked with me to push past them and continue towards my long term goals of health and wellness. I truly believe she played a large role in my success, and I will be forever grateful to her!-Joanna from Wellesley

Jenny has been invaluable on my journey towards body acceptance. She has helped me end my endless cycle of dieting and binging by coaching me to overcome my fear of carbs and food in general. Her program proved to me that I can lose weight while eating all foods in moderation and without starving myself. Most importantly, she has helped me feel good about all my progress on and off the scale and to embrace where I am now and to believe I can have success in the future. -Tami W from Newton, MA

Stepping up to take control and action for wellness is one of the best and healthiest choices you can make. And choosing a program and coach to help you achieve that is essential, which is why – 13 years ago – I chose Jenny Berk to be my Coach. I had worked with others in the program but it was her mentorship, ideas and style that brought me the best results. I have worked with Jenny on and off now for 13 years and she is the first person I think of when I need to reach back into my toolbox to get on track. Her style is one of balancing your need for accountability with smart and creative solutions bringing in all different techniques to keep you going. She is very invested and cares a great deal about your success. You always feel she’s on your side which is the best boost to your confidence to succeed. All of these combine to set her apart and make her unique among weight loss coaches. She is highly recommended, and it will be the best investment you’ll make in yourself and your health.-Deb G from Newton

One of the first things I noticed about Jenny was how she listens with all her attention and focuses on what I am saying, really trying to understand what I am attempting to communicate and my particular perspective. And then, when she responds, it’s all about me, no agenda on her end – instead, she applies all her knowledge and wisdom to provide a sensitive, informed opinion on whatever topic we’re discussing. Working with Jenny as my coach, I feel comfortable talking to her about anything and everything, knowing that without exception, she’ll help me see something new about my situation or ask insightful questions that will lead me to answers in the days or weeks after a particular session. I’ve worked with other coaches/therapists in the past, but there’s something special about Jenny – she’s completely professional but at the same time has great energy about helping me accomplish my health and life goals. After years of being stuck in the same failure cycle, Jenny has helped me overcome obstacles I had thought would always be in my path – and in just a few months of working together. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!-JA from Boston

Jenny is thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent.  She understands the complicated issues surrounding eating and weight management. With her support I am maintaining a 40lb weight loss-Eve from Newton

With Jenny’s help, I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible. Her coaching combines compassion with accountability and empathy with empirical rigor. To put it simply, Jenny is the best.-Don B from Watertown

I would highly recommend Jenny because she is uniquely skilled at guiding one through the twists and turns of healthy living. Jenny is knowledgable in health and nutrition which helped me to set solid, realistic goals. She is patient without being permissive which helped me to stay focused on tasks. What sets her apart though, is Jenny’s ability to be an astute listener, creative and flexible which helped me realign goals and course correct when necessary – ultimately getting to a higher level goal than I had originally set.
All in all she is a great coach and I would highly recommend her!! -Laura D, Reading, MA

Jenny Jacobs Berk has a magical way of making you see the world of food in a new light. She is a wonderful support system for someone who is trying to challenge the way they look at eating, body image and exercise. She listens well and at the same time gives useful suggestions on altering perspective so that one can start to feel content in one’s own body. After years of restrictive diets, I decided to try something different. Along with diving into why I chose to overeat even when I wasn’t hungry, Jenny provided useful methods, ideas and tangible plans to help me change my thoughts and goals about nutrition. Many people beat themselves up about how they look, what they eat and when to exercise. Through Jenny’s coaching, one learns that foods aren’t bad or good, what a macronutrient rich snack consists of and that our bodies need different types of exercise. Seeing Jenny allowed me to re-evaluate my journey with food. I have never seen an eating coach and didn’t know what to expect. Jenny is kind, thoughtful and supportive. Why wouldn’t anyone want to enhance his or her life and attitude towards food? She has helped me to approach eating in a positive, relaxed way. – Judy G, Sharon, MA

Jenny is an excellent coach because she is a good listener and because she is able to motivate and inspire her clients. She has extensive knowledge about the emotional aspects of food issues; she has compassion and a great sense of humor; and she provides a highly personal approach to her work. I was able to let go of weight loss as a driving force in my life and in my relationship with the food I eat. I would recommend Jenny as a coach to anyone who is looking to heal their relationship with food; who has trouble accepting their body and their weight; and who wants to try a new and exciting approach to health. -Emily S, Newton, MA

I looked forward to meeting with Jenny each week as she provided constructive ideas and tips, much encouragement, and grounding as I struggled with binges and cravings. I immediately trusted Jenny and appreciated her holistic and personally tailored approach. Our discussions included a good balance between the chemical and biological triggers our body experiences when consuming food, and learning to gauge and manage the mental triggers and temptations we face in our everyday lives. While already relatively food-educated, I gained tremendous knowledge and felt very supported to rework my thinking around food and adopt a complex, balanced and healthy eating approach. I felt satisfied with my meal plan and motivated to try new food items and ditch bad habits. Jenny is personable, down to earth and comprehending. I am ever thankful for her constructive advice, understanding and encouragement. -Audrey R, Malden, MA

Jenny,You got me to do yoga again (and that, combined w/encouragement from you led to shedding my wig), you got me to move my body and to join a gym, you got me to develop a sustainable and healthy diet that I’m not going to give up when I stop working with you, you’ve taught me so many things about the psychology of eating and mindfulness and health! Thank you, thank you!!! -Jackie from Stow, MA

I love how Jenny combines her extensive knowledge and her incredible sensitivity to help us live our healthiest lives and to be our healthiest selves. It’s part science, part therapy, part educational with lots of empathy and kindness thrown in. It seems that no matter the subject at hand – Jenny can offer sound advice, attainable goals and wonderful encouragement. I’ve been involved with Jenny since the Spring, and its changed my life in so many ways… -Caren C from Needham, MA