About the Beyond Weight Loss Method Jenny is featured in the Huffington Post and Boston Mom's blog

Jenny Eden Berk Beyond Weight loss methodAre you tired of Deja vu Dieting?
You diet. You lose weight. You gain it back. You diet. You lose weight. You gain it back.

It’s estimated that over 100,000,000 Americans diet each year. Yet, 67% of Americans continue to be alarmingly overweight. It’s unhealthy, for your body and for your psyche.

The same old tweaking of calories-in and calories-out clearly doesn’t work. The ever-changing management of the carb-protein-fat trio clearly doesn’t work, either. I have developed a method that does work.

Armed with a Masters of Science in Education and Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania, bolstered by over 14 years as a professional health coach and driven by my own personal weight loss struggles, I’ve developed what I call The Beyond Weight Loss™ Method.  These are health and wellness techniques to help you stop binge eating, obsessing about food and finding peace in your body and with your food choices.

Here’s how it works:

First, I’ll help you get past the obsession to lose weight and the preoccupation of not accepting your body the way it is. This obsession and preoccupation actually make it near impossible to lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

Then, I’ll teach you:

  • The reasons you have become afraid of food and the consequences to your overall immunity and metabolism.
  • The way to eat more slowly, to savor the foods you chose for greater fulfillment.
  • How to ditch the body drama that causes constant stress, creating malaise, metabolic slowdown and systemic inflammation.
  • How to create a fitness program that you absolutely love – not just forthe sole purpose of calorie burn but for the joy and health it brings to your life.
  • How to prepare a meal plan that fits your individual lifestyle and how to win the battles you wage with food every day.

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A Bit More About Jenny Eden Berk

jennymoreMy earliest memories of food were connected to love. My mom, a professional chef would make spectacular and delicious after school snacks, meals and desserts for us.

As I grew older, however, I witnessed the dichotomy of eating my mother’s nutritious loving food, side by side with my peers constant eating of pizza, ice cream and coke. I became confused about what was really the “norm” and how I should be eating. My life’s work became about demystifying food choices, adopting a healthy lifestyle and learning to love and accept my body.

I obtained a Masters in counseling psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. I have spent the 13 years since facilitating group classes and working one on one in a clinical setting with hundreds of patients. I bring my passion for health, and nutrition towards making people healthier, happy and more fulfilled in their lives. I earned my certification in Eating Psychology from the Institute of Eating Psychology in January of 2016 and my MB-EAT (mindful eating instruction) certificate in April of 2016.

I am very interested in how people can learn to love and enjoy food again. Our culture is one of “no’s” No carbs, no sugar, no fat, no this, no that. I want to empower people to use their intuition and knowledge about healthy foods to create more “yeses” in their lives and really become passionate about food and eating again rather than feeling fearful and shameful about their eating choices.

In addition to health, wellness and fitness, I love to travel, have deep conversations, explore, cook, entertain, take crazy classes like improv 101 and generally relish in everything this world has to offer.

I can’t wait to get started working with you!