All you Need is Love: Self-love that is…


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“To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance”

– Oscar Wilde


Ahh Valentine’s Day: A day of showing those you love how much you truly care. Giving chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are just some of the ways Americans commemorate this National holiday. The kids dutifully craft sticker filled paper hearts for their classmates, while spouses and lovers scramble to get their partners a good restaurant reservation, an appropriate gift and a card filled with sweet nothings.


It all seems a bit ridiculous to me though. First of all, why do we need a specific day to tell people we love them? Moreover, why do we need material items to get this across? What bothers me most of all though is the lack of self-love that we show ourselves – not only on Valentines Day but every day.


Many of us walk around in self-doubt and overwhelm; critical of our abilities and our bodies. What if we were to have a National Self –love day? “Happy self-love day!” we could tell ourselves. We could start the day with our favorite hot beverage and give ourselves a little wink in the mirror and blow a kiss to ourselves. I, for one, would buy myself peonies instead of roses as my gift to myself. How about you?


Chocolate? Hell yeah! We definitely don’t need a special holiday to eat heart shaped chocolaty treats packed in red boxes right?. Who’s with me?


We could play hooky from work – Get a body-loving, soul-enriching yoga class in, followed by facials and massages of course.


We could write cards to OURSELVES, reminding us of all the gifts we have to give to ourselves and to share the world and we could write down compliments and sweet nothings for ourselves to cherish for years to come.


Finally, we could make a reservation at our favorite restaurant, choose a delicious nourishing meal and eat it slowly, savoring every bite – happily showing our bodies just how much we love and appreciate them.


We could end the day with reading a good book or binge watching our favorite trashy TV show without any scoffing or judgment.


Yes, what a day National Self-Love day would be.


Though this blog post is mostly tongue-in-cheek – I really do believe that all of us need days like this. MANY days like this. Most importantly, the more we can show ourselves appreciation, self care, self-affirmation and self-love, the more we can abundantly give it to others and to the world around us. Consider this. Take baby steps. Pick one thing today from this list I’ve mentioned above and try it out.


And don’t forget to kiss yourself goodnight. 😉


Here are some other ways you can show yourself some mad love this Valentine’s day.


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2 thoughts on “All you Need is Love: Self-love that is…

  1. Self love is so important! Before we can love anyone else, we need to start with ourselves. I think will show myself a little love this Valentine’s Day!

    1. jennyberk says:

      Good for you Fabiola!

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