Catch up to where you are

“But the last time I dieted I was able to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!”


“I don’t understand…. I used to be able to work out and the fat around my tummy just disappeared!”


“Wait a minute, these jeans fit me last year and I’m practically the same weight now – why don’t they fit now?”


Do any of these statements sound familiar? That’s part of what dejavu dieting gives us in this culture. It’s the belief that we can go back – back to a time when we were in our glory days. When the jeans fit. When you could just snap your fingers and be the weight you want to be with little or no effort. Many people have a difficult time accepting that this is may not be where they are now or can be again. But maybe there can be a version of you now that is even better and more joyous even if it’s not at the exact weight or dress size that it used to be. If you spend too much time in the past, how you used to look, or focus only on the future to a brighter day when you will weigh 10 pounds less, and fit into your high school prom dress again it sets you up for disappointment and potentially for failure. The problem with past/future thinking is that the present becomes not good enough. And the truth is the present is all we have. It’s reality. It’s what is. If we can’t accept what is, how can we possibly come to terms with what will be or what happened before?


Being a coach in Eating Psychology, I have helped clients start to love who they are in their bodies right now. And by accepting and loving what is right now and “catching up to where you are” you will actually make it easier on your body to lose weight naturally rather than forcing it off. I suggest that ultimately we will be happier, more confident, and empowered for whatever comes our way with our bodies and with life.

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I am 30 pounds heavier than my thinnest in my life, yet I am the happiest I have ever been around my body. Seems crazy right? But I’m focusing on what I AM DOING RIGHT NOW. Not what I will do. I eat healthy, I exercise and weight train. I practice yoga and meditation. I get adequate sleep. I take steps to feel my best at the age I am and at the body weight I have. I made the decision a few months ago to stop punishing my body into a weight it doesn’t want to be! Who am I to say that I am smarter than my body? I refuse to ever again deprive myself at parties and social gathering where my favorite foods are served. And for what? For the ability to say that “I won” because I have 10% body fat?


Catch up to where you are. Where your body is telling you it naturally wants to be. I’m not saying to binge on your favorite foods all the time and never exercise. I’m saying – accept and even love who you are right now. Take the necessary steps to live as healthy as you can and then take a deep breath and feel the peace wash over you. And your weight can settle into a place that it too can let go and not worry that it will be starved or punished into extreme exercise. When your body trusts you, you can trust your body to be healthy.


When you catch up mentally to where you physically are in life, in your body and at your age right now, you take all that energy you used to spend plotting your next diet and worrying about bathing suit season and instead spend it on giving the world your gifts and extending to yourself and everyone you love everything you were meant to do in this world – the real things that matter.


Catch up to where you are. I can help you do it.


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