How to infuse your business-building with confidence

When I first started my business 3 years ago I knew nothing about starting a business.  I had no idea whether to get a website first, or a logo or just start telling people I was open for business with nothing in place.  All of it seemed scary and so out of my comfort zone that I just froze for many months not doing anything for fear of doing it “wrong.”

I now see that the only thing that was wrong was my lack of inherent confidence in the skills I already possessed.

You see, I had done quite a few “accomplished” things in my 40+ years already – things like earning a masters degree, raising 3 daughters, and even performing improv in front of 100 people.  I don’t consider myself a particularly uber-confident person but I know who I am and I know what I’m good at.

So, it was perplexing at best and down-right exasperating at worst to realize just how much I didn’t know about starting a business.  And, I let my fear and overwhelm at learning things like tech, marketing, online course creating, niching and bookkeeping stop me from doing the actual thing I wanted to do and knew I was good at:  helping people.

The moment when we realize the irony in keeping ourselves from doing the very thing that satisfies us and supports other people in a deep way because of the things you’re NOT confident about, is the moment when you can be emancipated and just start flowing with your own business essence and unshackle yourself from the should’s and limited “right” and “wrong” way to do things.

But back to that confidence thing.  I hear you. You want to do all the things, just like your entrepreneurial girl-crush you’ve been following for a while has been for the last 3 years.

You think – “I can’t put myself out there like that.”  “I’m not knowledgeable enough!”  “I will have nothing important to share.”  “People will think I’m a fraud.”

And then you slink back into your cocoon of frustration for not taking action in your business.

How can you meaningfully move forward with intention and action in your biz without burning yourself out, or high-tailing out of there altogether is all about focus, embodiment and small action.

It’s about releasing all of the fears about doing it the “right” way and stepping into what is right for YOU and your style.

I recently took a poll on Facebook with genuine curiosity and wanted to know the following:

Do you feel more satisfaction after doing lots of several little things on your to-do list or when you’ve completed a big project?  

The overwhelming majority of people (85%) said they feel more satisfaction when they take action on little things on their list.  Fascinating right?

So, this can be parlayed right into how you approach your business.  Ok, so many this isn’t the month for your first big webinar or live workshop. And maybe it’s ok to accept that you’re nowhere close to creating that signature program.

Maybe “taking action” this month only has to be making connection calls, calling your town’s Chamber of Commerce to find out about networking events, and creating a logo.  

In an output and success obsessed culture, be ok with your own definition of success and productivity, even if it means you putting out LESS initially while you practice your coaching skills, connect with people to find your soul clients and lean in intuitively to your next step.

For confidence grows when we become grounded in what we know and the unique way you are set-apart from the others.

For more on this approach to coaching and entrepreneurship download this easy, actionable check-list of 12 simple things you can do right now to end 2018 at peace with yourself and create momentum for the new year.

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Over to you.  When do you feel most confident in your business?