Are you an Empowered Eater?

Empowered Eater


When I healed my fraught relationship with food after so many years it felt freeing and peaceful.  


I realized that I had more empowerment around food than I ever gave myself credit for.  I realized after painful reflection that I was letting food boss me around, tell me how to behave and have power over me.  I felt completely beholden to food and confined by my own story about who I was as an eater.  I liken it to a bad romantic relationship where you feel no sense of autonomy or efficacy.  


When I started to tune in to the nuances and complexity of food and slow down to allow myself to experience pleasure when eating, a huge “aha” moment occurred for me.  I was able to discern which foods I truly liked and which I could “break up” with naturally, not by force or will power.  This was a huge revelation that made feel so powerful and in control.  No longer did I have to force myself to say no to food.  No longer was I the one left out at parties sulking in a corner eating diet food.  I could fully participate because I no longer placed rigid rules and restrictions on myself which in return allowed me to truly decide whether that was a food I wanted to experience or one I did not.  I did not have to fear that this would be the last time I would eat that food until some arbitrary amount of time.  The external noise, shame and guilt subsided, replaced with tremendous peace and clarity.  For when we divorce ourselves from morality around food and scary consequences of eating it, we can decide how to honor our bodies on our own terms and not based on experts or diet books.  When I know that food will always be available to me, it loses it’s powerful hold on me and I can calmly decide whether I’m in the mood for it or not.  Guess what?  More times than not, the trigger foods I once feared doesn’t call to me at all.  I crave balanced, healthy food that makes my body thrive and only the occasional treat or processed food.  


Make no mistake that when we place false scarcity on ourselves or deny ourselves for too long, it’s that very food that you deny that you will binge on, and with a vengeance.  You will begin not to trust yourself around that food, and you will place more rules and restrictions on yourself or with that food.  This in turn will keep you in that devastating viscous food fear cycle and leave you feeling confused, hopeless and resigned to utter failure.  


There is another way, however:  And that is to become an Empowered Eater


How to know if you’re an empowered eater:


  1. You do not obsess about food all day and instead use that energy towards sharing your talents with the word and taking care of yourself and others
  2. You do not eat based on rules and regulations or even the clock but instead based on internal wisdom and deep listening
  3. You start and stop eating based on how your body feels
  4. You eat in a mindful, slow way and truly savor your food
  5. You are not at all fearful about making food choices, and feel confident in what and how you eat each day
  6. You are a dietary detective and eat foods that fuel your body, are pleasurable and fit into your unique needs as an individual


If you answered “no” to 1 or more of these than you likely need to be more empowered with food selection and eating.




Would you like to experience empowerment with food in a way you never have before?  Would you like to walk around life devoid of food fear and obsession replaced with an ever present calm and trust?  Would you like to let your weight finally self-regulate effortlessly without any force or restriction?  


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