Exercise: The Joy of Movement


Exercise – UGH

As a child I hated exercise….I mean hated with a capital H. I wasn’t an athlete nor did I think of myself as one or aspire to be one. I wasn’t picked last on teams per se but pretty damn close. I participated in team sports like soccer, basketball (my dad was even the coach!) and softball, but I did it begrudgingly and at the behest of my parents, who of course wanted me to be active. I was the one who couldn’t do push-ups or pull-ups in gym class. The one who was winded after running short distances and the one who picked arts and crafts over athletics at overnight camp.

As I became older I realized that I was a pretty decent tennis player and swimmer and I pursued that as far as I could, even winning medals for backstroke in swim. But my heart was still really not in it.

In college I became obsessed with step aerobics and other group fitness classes that allowed me to burn many calories and enjoy a competitive motivating atmosphere with other like-minded people. When I say like-minded, it was because we all had one singular focus. To lose weight and lose it fast. The movement wasn’t for the love and joy of moving one’s body but for a more shallow pursuit of looking a certain way. In short, exercise was never something I did for fun and interest – and almost always because I felt I had to do it.

In the last year or so, I’ve joined a path of movement* that has transcended beyond all my expectations of what exercise could be. It involves strength, it involves cardio, and it involves sustainable movement patterns that indeed move both my body and my heart. I have marveled and delighted in the ways that I have found that I can move my body. I am doing inversions on rings, headstands, kettle bell swings and snatches with intricate technique patterns to them, and I’m generally feeling pretty bad ass because of it!

{Listen to my exclusive interview with Everett Hoffman, Regenerative Strength and Movement Coach – Download the interview right here}

My goal has shifted from wanting to lose weight to wanting to be strong. From shedding dress sizes to increasing kettle bell pounds and reps. From moving to burn calories to moving because of a yearning in my heart. Much to my surprise and elation, I never dread going to the gym. I always look forward to it. Always marveling at a new movement learned that day that I’ve never done before. I’m never bored and while it’s hard, yes, it’s the kind of hard that has you feeling accomplished like you never have before.

I finally understand what loving exercise is all about and it’s very freeing. I’m not saying everyone would find the same satisfaction in type of exercise that I’ve chosen to do, but I do know this: Humans were meant to be active and everyone has the ability to find something active that moves their heart and soul just as much as their bodies. Might that be dancing? Hiking? Zumba? , prancersizing? It really doesn’t matter.

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Just go out and find it! Your heart AND your body will thank you..

What are your favorite exercises and ways to stay active? Sound off below!


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