The #1 reason we eat so fast

why we eat so fast!


Do you eat super ridiculously FAST?

My husband and I walked into a local ice cream store the other day with our 3 daughters wanting to give them a little after dinner summer treat. We let them share a huge brownie sundae and gave them 3 spoons.

As a mindful eating coach, I have tried to teach my kiddos to eat slowly, savor their foods and trust their bodies for guidance about when to start and stop eating, Plus, we try not to make sweets a big deal in general.

So you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw the 3 of them dig into this sundae with such abandon, swiftness and ferocity that it was like they had never seen ice cream before in their lives!

Just imagine their chocolate moustaches, the clinking of spoons eagerly trying to outdo one another on a quest for the perfect sweet bite and a chance for the chocolatey brownie goodness at the bottom. I think my mouth was agape when the girls looked at me and one of them finally asked if I wanted a bite.

“No, that’s ok you guys”, I replied…”enjoy!”

Later, I asked my oldest why she felt like she had to eat it so fast and did she even enjoy it?

Her reply I think speaks to why so many of us eat fast and it digs deep to the heart of our DNA and/or very instinct for survival.

“Mom, if I didn’t eat it fast, then they would have had more than me and I might not have gotten any at all!”

Aha. I thought to myself. She nailed it! Perceived food scarcity strikes again.

While most of us no longer live in circumstances where we literally compete for food for survival, those instincts still powerfully reside inside of us and unleash when we perceive any type of food scarcity. And guess what? We sometimes even create our own false scarcity by putting ourselves on diets!

This experience inspired me to record a 3-part video series on all things B.E.S.O (binge, emotional, stress and overeating). I’m calling it the BESO video series and I want to invite you to watch the series, for free, by simply clicking here.

In the series, I talk all about the 3 D’s of binge eating, 5 factors in overeating and the “its there so I eat it” syndrome of mindless and overeating. The videos are short and impactful and if you struggle with food and eating in any way, I encourage you to click here and watch the video series.

What are some of the reasons you tend to eat fast?  Let me know in the comments below!