Food Mood Attitude – Episode #6 with Lisa Suski

Welcome to episode #6 of Food Mood Attitude where we demystify and discuss the struggles in leading a healthy lifestyle. On this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about food confusion and how its often difficult and anxiety producing to know what to eat or not to eat. With all the experts out there telling us what to do but then completely reversing their recommendations months later, it can be really taxing knowing the right foods to eat for our own bodies. This week, our special guest will chat with me about:


1. Taking the overwhelm out of what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t.
2. How to eat healthy foods with the seasons which naturally adds variety
3. How to get to the root cause of your health


Join us this Tuesday at 1pm eastern and in the comments below, drop any questions you have for Lisa and we’ll be sure to get to them on the live show!

About our Guest:

Lisa Suski is a wellness coach, optometrist, wife, and mother to three adorable children. She specializes in nutrition and helps people replace inflammatory foods with nourishing foods to eliminate disease, allow the body to heal, and live in a thriving, vibrant body.
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Your host:

Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body image mentor, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint. She is the founder of Jenny Eden Coaching, a practice devoted to helping women, men and teens heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She specializes in unique binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices. She resides in Boston with her husband, 3 young daughters and in addition to coaching and writing she loves to cook, entertain, travel, as well as practice hot yoga and kettlebell training.
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