Food Mood Attitude – Episode #7



Food Mood Attitude, Episode #7 with Shawna Pelton

Our guest:

Shawna Pelton | Expert on Personal Transformation & Conversational Intelligence™ for Professional Excellence is dedicated to helping people get unstuck and consciously create a quantum SHIFT so to be empowered and experience a fulfilling life with more meaningful relationships.

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can mindfully guide you to:

• put an end to sabotaging habits
• uphold personal boundaries
• develop a positive mindset & emotional intelligence
• learn how to trust again
• master the skills to handle triggers within a professional organization

With nearly 2 decades of experience working with amazing clients who’ve shared similar worries while guiding them in achieving remarkable results for reducing fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change.

then you’ve come to the right place! | Instagram: Nli8tnd1
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In this powerful episode you’ll learn about Shawna’s signature system for creating balance, happiness and joy in ones relationships.

Ø Learn what it means to be in “Right Relationship” with the C.O.S.M.O.S. and how it is a secret key to creating health, happiness & harmony

Our ultimate satisfaction in life boils down to our relationships & interactions with the C.O.S.M.O.S. (Meaning what we feel about & how we react to our circumstances, others, self, memories, opportunities, source)

To be in harmony with the COSMOS, we must align in thought, word & deed with our highest values & Soul’s agenda and change how we view ourselves and others.

What holds us back from being in right relationship?
Ø Unconscious programming / conditioning
Ø Patterns
Ø Doubt & Fear

Don’t miss out on this one!

Your host:

Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body image mentor, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint. She is the founder of Jenny Eden Coaching, a practice devoted to helping women, men and teens heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She specializes in unique binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices. She resides in Boston with her husband, 3 young daughters and in addition to coaching and writing she loves to cook, entertain, travel, as well as practice hot yoga and kettlebell training.

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