Food Mood Attitude, Episode #9

Have you ever wondered about the mindset aspect of health and wellbeing?  Certainly our health behaviors matter and the planning that we need to put in place to lead a healthy lifestyle.  But, it often starts with mindset and unpacking some of our beliefs around food and eating in general.


In this week’s episode, we’re going to be chatting with systems expert, Marina Darlow who also has her own journey to health.


We’ll chat about:


  1. eating habits, exercise, emotional health –
  2. How these things are hinged on mindset rather than on willpower and externally enforced regimen.
  3. How you too can learn systems and mindset tips to manage your own health.
About our Guest:

Marina Darlow is a systems’ expert, and a productivity geek.

She sees her job as helping impact-driven entrepreneurs get 10-20 more productive hours a week, stop leaking money, and prevent stress-fuel breakdowns.

An engineer by training, Marina came to a realization a couple years ago: working for a conglomerate is not as inspiring as she wants her life work to be. The quest for inspiration brought her to found Vision Framework, a company that builds small, purpose-driven businesses from the inside, helping entrepreneurs run their

companies with ease by putting effective, easy-to-use, and fun (yep!) systems in place.




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Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body image mentor, International Speaker and Best selling Author of the book, The Body Image Blueprint.   She is the founder of Jenny Eden Coaching, a practice devoted to helping women, men and teens heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She specializes in unique binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices.   She resides in Boston with her husband, 3 young daughters and in addition to coaching and writing she loves to cook, entertain, travel, as well as practice hot yoga and kettlebell training.


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