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Many of us have experienced this:  We’ve just eaten a fairly big meal, maybe even a feast or a Chinese meal out and yet when we get home, we’re poking through the fridge and the cabinets looking for something else to eat.  We just don’t feel totally complete and satisfied.  What is the cause of this phenomenon?  I mean, our bodies are physically full, and thus we should automatically stop eating, right?


Sadly it doesn’t always work that way.  It’s because while we can have a distended tummy and be full of food, we can concurrently not feel satisfied and fully nourished.


Case in point:


I can drink a ton of water and like a pound of raw veggies and while I feel bloated and physically full, I’m far from satisfied    




We can eat buckets of our kids halloween candy, take in lots of dense calories but feel kind of sick and wanting a broccoli cleanse.


Can you guess why in these scenarios we would still be looking for something else to eat?


Hint:  (It has to do with a lack of fat and protein)


Many of us don’t get enough of both of these key macro-nutrients.  And , especially during the last few decades, Americans have been fed the belief that fat in our food equals fat on our bodies, which has been largely debunked.


You can run the experiment yourself.  Next time you are hungry, try having a healthy-fat filled snack that includes a high quality protein (with a complex carb for full balance of course) and watch yourself not only feel full, but push yourself away from the table in complete satiety.  


Watch how it fills you for many hours and notice how you will not be thinking about food or scrounging around your pantry and fridge to fill a void.   Juxtapose that with eating a fat-free something or other or a processed unbalanced food and I guarantee you will notice a huge difference.  In fact, this could be a game-changer for you if you find yourself always wanting more but not knowing why.


Join my 5-day full fat challenge!  Go from just Full….to fully satisfied.


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Here are a few ideas to get in more healthy fats in your diet that you can try today.  Which ones will you try?  Which ones would you add?  If you try this experiment and find it works really well, let me know about it in the comments section!


Full-fat yogurt


Nuts and seeds

Full fat dressings

Olive oil

Egg yolks

Wild caught Salmon


Ok, so we know healthy fats are essential for our diets yet many of us are still really fearful of eating fat.  In my FREE 5-day full-fat challenge I am going to give you permission to eat really unctuous and delicious fat in a supportive way.  

In this really unique challenge, I’ll give you 5-recipes to try that incorporate healthy fats, really interesting research and information about fats in general and all the health benefits they provide and homework assignments as well.  We’ll talk about what fats do for your body and how they can actually support you in weight loss! (shocking but true!)  

Sign up here for my completely free 5-day full-fat challenge and go from just full….to fully satisfied in just 5 days.  The challenge starts on Monday, October 31st.  Join the private Facebook group for the challenge right here before it starts to get geared up.


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