FREE Embodiment and body-reverence Challenge!

You are cordially invited!!! ✨🎉💪

My FB group, The Wellness Warriors, is going to be home to an EPIC challenge starting June 4th!

What if I could tell you that you could feel incredible in your skin, right now, without changing a single thing about your body.

Would you be intrigued?

You absolutely can and I will show you exactly how. Join this healing, easy and FUN Spring Embodiment challenge to get you feeling sexy and bad-ass in your skin for summer. No, this is not some quick-fix, lose 20 pounds in a week gimmick. This is much deeper and way more soulful than that. This is about feeling your absolute best in the skin you have RIGHT NOW. This is about giving yourself permission to be fully embodied in your skin and learn how to deepen the connection you have with yourself from a sensory and communication perspective. You’ll have a chance to win a daily prize (like seriously some amazing goodies), receive a daily song, fragrance suggestion, gourmet recipe and video related to the theme of each day.

Are you ready to feel luxurious, peaceful and completely at home in your body this summer?

Watch the video for more details and then sign up below!


Hurry!  We start June 4th, 2018!!