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Are you in need of a powerful tool to combat the 21st century grind? Are you curious about this ’mindfulness’ thing you keep hearing about? Then Knowga’s Meditation 101 course is for you! They’ll help you explore the benefits of meditation that speak to you: whether mental, physical, spiritual, or any combination of these.

The course starts with an introduction to the ancient roots of the practice, followed-up with a basic primer on meditation techniques and breath modulation. Then it goes even deeper, looking at how meditation can help you with everything from sleep, to your marriage, to healing emotional wounds.

Throughout the course you will also put your newfound knowledge to the test. Each module ends with a guided audio meditation (written transcripts included). By the end, you will be a lean, mean, meditating machine…or at least slightly more relaxed than when you started.

Moving beyond the basics of meditation and mindfulness, you’ll also explore sound therapy. Learn the theory behind the practice, and try it out for yourself with one of the 7 relaxing nature tracks included. Last but not least, we look at how music can be used to deepen your meditation practice.

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