5 Ways to Show yourself Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Gratitude for yourself on Thanksgiving

As you read this, I am on a beach in the Bahamas!  Happy Thanksgiving to me!  

After such a trying year we decided it was time for some R&R and I am very grateful to do absolutely nothing for 5 glorious days!

As I was packing, it got me thinking about gratitude.  I certainly have an abundance of it this year.  After losing my Dad so unexpectedly I have never been so present for and grateful for the people in my life and the support and love that has been shown to me.  I also thought about how we can bring more appreciation and gratitude towards ourselves.  When we feel tested by life or feel stymied or stuck the last place we can have access to is gratitude.  But it truly is important for our happiness and well being.  This Thanksgiving, let’s look at all the ways we can turn inward, starting with giving thanks to ourselves to then be able to extend that sentiment outwards to other people.  Here are 5 ways to get your started.


1. Instead of creating arbitrary ​rules for yourself at the Thanksgiving table regarding what you’ll eat or not eat or how many bites try honoring which foods are really calling to you and aim to savor those foods and eat them slowly.  Sign up for my mindful eating course for a refresher on how to do this.


2. Do a body scan – This is best done in the morning or evening before bed.  Take a minute to close your eyes are draw attention to each part of your body.  Notice where you feel discomfort or pain or stress.  Move your hands to a place of your body where you tend to hold judgement and remind yourself what the purpose of that body part is for and how it supports you in your life.  Bring gratitude, even for a moment, for that part of your body and how its served you so far.


3. Write a journal entry about your strengths and how you serve other people in your life.  Once you’ve written down your strengths, think of 5 ways you can use those strengths and skills more readily in the coming year and for what purpose


4. If you’re running on empty or feeling stressed about the holiday season, do a quick pleasure inventory of all the things in your life that give you pleasure and satisfaction.  Aim to pick 2 things from that list to do this week as a way to show yourself care and appreciation.


5. Try downloading these 11 food and body affirmations to remind you of your strength, resilience and compassion.


Most of all, take time to bring full presence to the holiday’s this year.  I know it’s a stressful time.  I know there can be family bickering and general chaos.  But look for the pockets of pleasure, of appreciation, and of love for yourself and others.  Hold fast to those moments to help you tolerate and accept the less pleasant ones.


This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to all of you for your ongoing readership and support!  Thank you so very much!


Have a beautiful Thanksgiving everyone!



P.S. Here is a lovely Thanksgiving side dish to consider making this year.  Or anytime this winter actually!