Grieving without Emotionally Eating

Last week our sweet and beloved kitty, Mischa went missing. It was the same day that I saw a coyote in our neighbor’s lawn. By the time I ran back to the house to retrieve her she was off roaming the neighborhood as she has done time and time again.

Kitty cat outside

We haven’t seen her since.

Beyond my own sadness and pain at this loss, I have had to shoulder the grief of my three daughters who have trouble comprehending what happened and why.

Its been a tough week and a half for us (some of you might even noticed I didn’t write a blog last week). We’ve been spending all our time searching for her and mourning.

I’ve also been letting myself take the time to truly experience my feelings, be mindful to them and let them come up and out rather than numbing out to them or squelching them by emotionally eating – something I would never have done 2-3 years ago.

I truly believe that by being present for the sadness we’re experience is allowing us to heal in a healthy way.

Some of the ways we’ve been mindfully grieving have included:


1. Going to the beach at sunset and experiencing the sensations and beauty of sand, water and the glorious colors of the gloaming.

Beach sunset


2. Exercising – I’ve been at the gym a lot. Its a way for me to get excess emotional and physical energy out other than crying. In fact, after one workout when we were stretching they played the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and I sobbed a little on my mat. I mean come on, who doesn’t break down in tears to that song?


3. Meditating – I’ve been sitting every morning for 10 minutes and letting whatever feelings occur happen naturally and acknowledge how it feels in my body.


4. Lots of hugging and physical closeness with my family – I’ve been rubbing my 12 year olds back each night as she cries herself to sleep. Lots of hugs and cuddles for all of us during the day.


5. Accepting help – Friends, family (my Mom came for a week!) and members of my community have all offered to help look for her, put up signs and give us moral support and I’m accepting every bit of it. It has helped us a lot.


What I’m NOT doing:

Diving into ice cream,


Doritos and



….which, make no mistake, is absolutely what I would have done in the past.

Sure, it would have helped, temporarily, but then my angst would increase with new worries and concerns and my body would feel awful to boot.

It is incredibly empowering and encouraging to me that even someone who was a strong stress and emotional eater like me, can move past it and find balanced, healthy and positive ways to deal with intense emotions.

This is why I do what I do and why it can be so powerful.

I strongly believe we all have this ability. I want to be the one to help shepherd and support you on your own journey to feel strong and empowered around food and eating, no matter what is going on in your life. To inquire about 1:1 coaching for the Fall, click here. I have 2 open spots in my schedule right now.

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Recipe of the week!

I know you’ve had pickled cucumbers, pickled ginger and maybe even pickled cabbage (kimchi anyone?) but have you ever experienced pickled grapes? This multi-textural and delicious salad highlights this unique and tasty ingredient. You can grab the recipe right here.

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the last remnants of summer. Take time to make sure you do all the things that make summer complete for you. One last swim, one last camping trip, hike, or canoe trip out on the lake. Fill up the proverbial tank in preparation for the seasonal transitions upon us. You won’t regret it.

Tell me: What most excites you about Autumn?