Spring into Wellness

Join us for a Spring Into Wellness event to learn how you can lift your mood through food (Jenny Eden Berk), yoga and acupuncture (Blue Lotus), Young Living Essential Oils (Jenn Seadia) and Beautycounter’s products (Dawn Ellis)! One lucky attendee will win a giftcard to Active Allie!

12:30 pm – Short yoga demonstration of poses that are energizing and uplifting
12:45 pm – Jenny Eden Berk, a certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach, will discuss foods that can lift your spirits
1:00 pm – “Healing in Spring: The Wisdom of 5 Element Acupuncture,” Kirsten Allength, MAc, Lis.Ac. Dipl.Ac

1:15 pm – “Transformative Power of Meditation,” Kathleen Krivak MAc. Lic.Ac. Dipl.Ac

How to Dress (and embrace!) your Body Type

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Mother/Daughter Body Image Workshop

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Mindful Eating: The Seduction of Slow


Join me for my signature lecture on Mindful Eating!  Click this link to sign up online.  Details are below



The Body Image Blueprint – Needham Community Education



BODY IMAGE BLUEPRINT Jenny Eden Berk, Instructor A positive body image is often elusive to many, starting at a very young age. In addition to our own inner struggles with self and body image, we are also greatly influenced by external factors such as societal constructs and beliefs about beauty. Body shaming and even food shaming is rampant in the entertainment industry and beyond. We will discuss the myriad body ideals throughout history, define what body image is, and then walk you through 5 actionable steps to improve your own body image and self-care and self-love. Limited to 24. 10736 $35 1 Tuesday @

NHS Room 404 7-8:30pm October 18

Click right here to sign up online