Let go of your food story

Food story


Let me give you permission right now.  

You are allowed to redefine who you are as an eater.  After all, how does it actually serve you to say that you’re a “carboholic”, can’t trust yourself around Oreos or always overeat at parties?  Let me remind you that your thoughts, opinions and beliefs can morph over time, even if they are ingrained at a young age and even if people around you fed into the narrative you had about yourself.  


To be sure, your thoughts about yourself can define you, but the more you create corroborating evidence of this truism about yourself, the more and more you will believe it and your behaviors will bolster that belief, leaving you in a web of feeling stymied and hopeless about changing your relationship with food.


What if you completely let go of that particular narrative?  What if you decided that you were not, in fact, a binge or volume eater but instead someone who is exploring what it means to nourish yourself in a balanced and healthy way?  What if you were to divorce yourself from any morality when it comes to food.  


After all, that donut did not just rob a bank and eating it doesn’t make you an accomplice.  What if you stripped away any inkling of sanctimony at eating broccoli and shame at choosing M&M’s and simply checked in with how that food makes you feel both short term and long term?  Because, it’s only you who can decide which foods nourishes and which deplete you.  No expert, and no cookie cutter way of eating can define that for you.


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Think about where your mistrust about your eating habits stems from.   Did someone plant the idea that you can’t control yourself around food –  that food is something to fear?  Has your experience around eating left you convinced that there you have no control and that food controls you?  That’s giving those jelly beans a lot of power!  That McDonald’s hamburger becomes  so influential and powerful, it could run for public office!


Reclaim that power by choosing to redefine who you are as an eater.  Start with daily morning affirmations that create the story that you truly want and the narrative you want to create around food.  Here are a few examples:


I choose to eat slowly and mindfully so that I can tune into my satiety cues.

I will not place external rules on myself for how and what I eat.

I have abundance with my food choices and I will not create false scarcity.

I will allow food to give me pleasure.

I trust that I will make food choices that fuel both my body and my soul.


Download my 11 additional food and body affirmations here.  Laminate these affirmations and affix them in various places in your home to remind you of your efficacy and empowerment.


Remember, there is evidence that we can literally rewire our neural pathways by choosing positive, more empowering thoughts and bringing in a sense of gratitude.  This is a great article that discusses this concept at greater length.  


I invite you to let go of all the stories that have kept you stuck and feeling hopeless about changing your food habits.  I don’t claim that this is an easy or quick fix approach but I do believe it’s one of the building blocks, even the amino acids or mitochondria, if you will, of creating a truly nourishing, balanced and joyful relationship with food and with eating.  


Download my 11 food and body affirmations now right here.