I love Co-Schedule and here is why!

Co-Schedule is an effective and easy tool to use:

When I was looking for an effective editorial calendar and social media planner, my research brought me to many different sites. I actually think I tried them all. There was always something missing. Either it was lacking a user friendly interface, or else it didn’t have the on-boarding and tutorials I felt I needed to truly engage with the platform. I became very frustrated as I tried and tried in vain several solutions only to find myself manually adding my content to my various social media platforms.

It was on a chance encounter over the 4th of July with a good friend that I even came to know of co-schedules existence. My friend, who owns a large Boston blog with a fairly large team of contributing writers, told me about how much she loved co-schedule and raved about all the features. I was hopeful but skeptical that I would be able to actually utilize it for my purposes as a small blogger and small business.

I’m grateful that she was so right!

Some of the things I love about co-schedule:

  1. You can add all of your social media platforms and then use the plug-in to add to your wordpress site. This way, it is very intuitive and allows me to add the post to all my social media straight from when I’m writing my blog post. So easy!
  2. It allows me to add whatever heading I want on each different profile. This is a huge time-saver for me and has helped me grow my blog and my reach.
  3. I kind of love that they have a headline analyzer. Finding headlines that convert and encourage people to click through the article is so important and has been so elusive for me. The headline analyzer has been super helpful for me in determining a really effective headline.
  4. I love love love that with one click, I can schedule my blog post to be posted not only on the day of scheduling but I can schedule it for tomorrow, the day after, a month from now and beyond! MeetEdgar has this functionality but co-schedule has this feature but for like 4 times the cost of co-schedule.
  5. I also find it very helpful that I can access my calendar anytime I want and see what is scheduled for any given week and I can make changes right there on the calendar. Game-changer!
  6. For anyone who has a small business like me or manages a team, co-schedule is a perfect platform for social sharing, having an organized and efficient editorial calendar and staying in touch with your team to assign different tasks.

I know that co-schedule has even way more features that I haven’t even explored yet and that’s what makes it so great. I have so much more to learn and the great news is that they have tutorials galore to help support you in learning everything there is to know about the software.


Here are a few pictures of how I implement co-schedule into my word-press site and how I use the interface from the site itself:


In short, with all the choices out there for an editorial calendar and social media scheduler, this one, in my opinion is a no brainer! Go out and grab it now.

Here is the website link! And here is a little video to watch that gives you a really great overview of what co-schedule is all about!

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Here is that link again…