7 ways Suburban mom’s can ward off a mid-life crisis without trading in the mini-van

sexyminivanI had always scoffed at the concept of a mid-life crisis. It was always something I thought 50-year-old men dealt with and once they got a sports car everything was ok again. That was until I turned 40 and had a crisis of my very own. Up until that point, I was dating, schooling, marrying. Eventually I was in the thick of child rearing, breastfeeding, growing babies, birthing babies, oh and nurturing an amazing career on top of that.   I think once my baby turned 3 and I had a little more independence back that I wondered “what is next for me?” What is next after you’ve established a career and family. Certainly you reap the benefits of all you’ve grown and developed – and you start truly enjoying your family. But for me I also was filled with a sense of worry and dread. Like who was I beyond being a mom and Health Educator? What else could I become?

Below is a list of strategies that helped me get past the melancholy, ambiguity and anxiety I felt moving into the second half of my life and how I’m now feeling happier and more fulfilled than ever.


Get a tattoo

( has some amazing, realistic temporary ones that can curb any hankering for a true ink) Of course getting a real one couldn’t hurt either. (well it might indeed hurt, but you know what I mean)


Learn something new!

When I was in the thick of my midlife crisis I felt like I had boundless energy to do new, exciting things. Ended up taking an amazing improv 101 class with a student showcase. Was amazing and took the edge off.


Get more creative sexually.

Just because you might only be with one partner doesn’t mean you can’t try new and crazy things together. Go on, go to that sex store, rent that new video or even go to a strip club together. You will feel young, feisty and alive.

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Throw a ridiculously gauche birthday party for yourself.

Include 80’s attire, and an activity that makes you feel young. I did a roller skating party for my 40th. Seemed to do the trick at the time.


Travel somewhere that takes you completely out of your comfort zone.

Replete with learning the language, trying the new foods and immersing yourself in the culture for a week or more.


Start a blog

Talk about what you’re learned thus far in life and what your hopes and dreams are for the next half. What dreams have you realized and which ones need to be on the forefront to start tackling? Writing it all down can give you direction and purpose beyond the daily grind and responsibilities we all have.




Challenge yourself physically.

Take chances on your fitness ability. Assume you are an athlete and take on a class or new fitness trend that you never thought you could before. Soul Cycle, Pure Barre, Zumba, Cross fit, running. There are so many to choose from. When you feel strong physically, you feel strong emotionally. And when you feel strong emotionally – you can whether all the stages of your life – even the thickest mid-life crises.

How do YOU deal with your mid-life crises? Sound off below!

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