Where does Motivation Come from?

We want motivation.  And we want it now!

Yet, for many of us, this undeniable and powerful twinge of excitement to take action towards something is only fleeting and never reliable, consistent or sustainable.

Yet, we still search for this elusive motivation, which inevitably slips through our fingers seemingly at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes it only comes back by sheer force of will or when we’re most desperate, or have hit rock bottom again.

But, there is another way.  There is a way to not have to rely time and again only on motivation to provide meaningful change in your life.

Its called


Momentum:  noun, plural mo·men·ta [moh-men-tuh] /moʊˈmɛn tə/, mo·men·tums.

  1. physics the product of a body’s mass and its velocity Symbol: p See also angular momentum
  2. the impetus of a body resulting from its motion
  3. driving power or strength

Momentum is that feeling of soaring when someone pushes your boat off a dock on a windy day.

Momentum is the effortless climb or ascension once motivation to take action is lit.

Momentum requires no force, strain or willpower.

But one cannot expect momentum to show up out of thin air.  It has to come from taking an initial step or action. Many of us feel sparks of motivation but don’t immediately take action when it happens.  The longer we wait, the more we begin to let self-doubt, old beliefs and sabotage kick in to talk us out of taking action for fear of failure….or even fear of success.

After all, if you have been stuck on achieving, changing or extinguishing a new habit and it’s been a struggle for years, you can start to identify with this inability to change.  In turn, it can become entrenched in your psyche and you may find yourself doing everything you can to sabotage the effort because it just doesn’t feel comfortable, safe or familiar.

The following are 6 ways to circumvent motivation and move straight into momentum.

  1. Feel your fear and/or discomfort and take 1 small step anyway (take a 10-minute walk, agree to eating ONE vegetable today, set a timer and don’t bite your nails for 20 minutes, etc).

2. Focus on the PROCESS not the outcome.  Visualize yourself actually taking the steps that are important to do the action. (Imagine yourself getting out the ingredients to a healthy smoothie that you intend to make in the morning.)

3. Pat yourself on the back for little things.  We only tend to congratulate ourselves when we’ve hit a major milestone.  Try praising yourself and writing down every single micro-win on your journey.

4. Take some sort of small action EVEN when you desperately don’t want to do it.

5. Find someone to hold you accountable (a food and mood app, a gym buddy, ahem, a coach!)

6. Expect set-backs.  When they arrive, don’t let yourself wallow in the “See, I knew I couldn’t do it” mentality.  Dust yourself off, find a deep well of compassion and, as they say in AA, “do the next best thing.”  Staying in action helps us from all-or-nothing thinking and saves us from the inner critic just dying to chastise you for not doing “enough.”

What are your methods for staying motivated and getting momentum with a newer, more fragile behavior?

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