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Confession: For many years, I would make tasty, more elaborate dinner meals for my meat-eating family while skimping on my own meals by making frozen TV dinners and frozen vegetables. Because I’m a vegetarian/vegan, I often end up eating differently than my family because, unfortunately, they are not fond of vegan delicacies like tofu, seitan and beans! Go figure.


Recently, however, I decided that I no longer wanted to skimp on my meals, and preferred to cook delicious vegetarian meals for myself. Enter Purple Carrot. Purple Carrot is the vegan version of Blue Apron and other in-home meal delivery services. They provide all of the pre-portioned and measured ingredients, recipes, and nutritional information for up to 3 meals per week. You simply follow the steps outlined. Every Tuesday, my little box of goodness arrives on my front step and I start prepping the veggies for the meals of the week. I find the variety of the meals exciting, always easy to make and scrumptious. The meals are so simple to prepare that I can concurrently make my family’s meal and my own meal without too much stress. We’re all happy.

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When I broke my foot recently and was a bit less mobile, it was a relief to know that all the ingredients were delivered, ready to go, and I didn’t have to shop or make any decisions about what I was having for dinner.


The awesome crew at Purple Carrot has generously offered me a free week of food delivery service to give away as a raffle for my followers. I encourage you to enter this raffle for a chance to be the lucky winner. I truly believe in a plant-based diet for its nutritional value, its deliciousness and its contribution to saving the environment. I love what Purple Carrot is about and what’s more, the recipes are from Mark Bittman! Here is the website if you’d like more information about them:

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Here is the information below to sign up! You just simply have to register below to sign up for my monthly newsletter. That’s it. Thank you very much for your ongoing support, and please spread the word about this giveaway and good luck!   (Giveaway will run 3/13-3/21 and a winner will be announced on 3/21/16)



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** Disclosure – All opinions about Purple Carrot are my own. They have not paid me  to write this review. They have solely offered a free week of food delivery to give away to my clients and followers.




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  1. Melissa says:

    I am excited to learn more about cooking delicious vegetarian food.

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