Avocado Toast with Salsa

avocado toast


Avocados are my favorite snack ever.  I used to shy away from them as I was worried about the fat content but now I know better.  Now I know that its this very kind of fat that our bodies need to feel full and satisfied and that so many of us lack in our diets!  While my favorite is guacamole, avocado toast is a close second.  This recipe is amazing and is a delicious, balanced meal or snack that you can make very easily and in little time.  Enjoy!

Serves 1

Recipe by: Arlene Jacobs



1 slice whole grain bread, toasted

¼ ripe avocado, slightly mashed

2 tbsps. salsa, hot or mild

1 hard-boiled egg, chopped

Parsley or cilantro sprigs (optional)

Salt, to taste



Top toasted bread with mashed avocado, salsa and sprinkle with chopped egg. Season to taste, and serve with parsley or cilantro.

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