Popped Sorghum

popped sorghum salad



Sorghum is a much-overlooked, healthy non-GMO ancient grain. In addition to being a healthy, antioxidant rich whole-grain and gluten-free grain, the wax surrounding the grain contains a compound called policosanols, which some researchers have found has cholesterol lowering properties similar to that of a statin. (reference: oldways whole grain council)

Sprinkle it on your favorite salads or vegetables for some extra crunch.


SUGGESTION: Toss first in some melted butter or olive oil and some grated parmesan, or with your favorite herb or spice and some salt.


Here’s the easy way to pop it in your microwave and produce what looks and tastes like mini-popcorn. (Hint: pop small quantities, 1/4 cup each time so there’s room for all the grains to pop.


Recipe/Procedure: by Arlene Jacobs

1/2 cup sorghum grains – (pop twice in ¼ cup batches to obtain 4 cups popped sorghum).


Place grains into a small paper bag. Fold the top down twice to close and place it in the microwave, seam side down. Heat on high for about 2 minutes, or until there is more than 5 seconds between pops.

Some variations:


Curried popped sorghum mix:

curried popped sorghum mix



1 cup salted peanuts

½ cup dark raisins

4 cups popped sorghum

½ cup coconut flakes

1-1/2 tbsps. curry powder

Pinch cayenne pepper

2 tbsps. coconut oil

1 tsp. onion powder

½ tsp. salt



In a small skillet (6-8 “), add and mix the curry powder, cayenne pepper and the coconut oil. Heat gently over medium heat for about 30 seconds until the spices become fragrant, being careful not to overheat as spices burn quickly. Add the salt and onion powder to combine with the spices. Drizzle the spice mix over the peanuts, raisins and popped sorghum and mix very thoroughly.

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NOTE: This would be equally good with a Mexican spice mix of cumin, chili and garlic powder and olive oil.



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