Stuffed apricots with honey and rosewater



Try delicate stuffed apricots with honey and yogurt.


Stone fruits are here!  And specifically, yummy apricots are now in the markets.  Try this super-delicious fruit and nut dessert for a great way to use these golden beauties. Be sure to find those that are ripe in order to enjoy their sweetness. If you can’t find those with a bit of give under your thumb, purchase them three or four days in advance and store them at room temperature.


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Recipe by: Arlene Jacobs

Serves 4


½ cup dried apricots

½ cup liquid honey

1-1/2 tsps. rosewater

8 ripe apricots

1/4 cup crushed pistachios plus 3 tbsps. for garnish

¼ tsp. cinnamon



Preheat oven to 350 o F.



  1. Add about 1 quart of water to a medium pot and bring to a boil. While water is coming up to heat, use an apple corer or a small spoon to remove the pit of the fresh apricots. You can also cut the apricots in half lengthwise and remove the pit.
  2. Plunge the apricots into the boiling water for about 30 seconds and remove with a slotted spoon to a bowl of ice water. Place on a paper towel and slip off the skins.
  3. Combine the dried apricots and ½ cup water in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, turn off the heat and allow the dried apricots to steep for about 20 minutes. Add the honey and reheat to a simmer. Continue cooking for about 5 minutes. Remove the dried apricots from the syrup and add the rosewater to the remaining syrup. Set aside.
  4. Combine the hydrated dried apricots, with ¼ cup pistachios and 3 tbsps. of the syrup, and pulse in a food processor to a coarsely ground paste.
  5. Loosely stuff the cavities of the apricots with this mixture, and place in a shallow pan to fit. Pour the remaining syrup over the apricots, and cover loosely with foil. Place apricots in the oven on the middle rack and roast for 20 minutes, basting frequently. Serve warm, sprinkled with remaining pistachios and honey/yogurt sauce on the side.
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Honey/yogurt sauce:


1/8 tsp. almond extract


Combine above ingredients.




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4 thoughts on “Stuffed apricots with honey and rosewater

  1. Dom says:

    Wow! This sounds heavenly!

    1. jennyberk says:

      Thank you Dom!

  2. Klauss says:

    Wonderful! The excellent combination of ingredients! It remains to wait for when the apricots season starts

    1. jennyberk says:

      I know! I can’t wait!

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