4 Ways to reduce the overwhelm of a healthy lifestyle

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am super excited to have a guest post today from Amanda Ah Sue, who blogs over at Work Week Fitness.  Amanda lost 30 pounds on her own and has dedicated her blog and her business to helping women demystify the challenges involved in becoming healthier in a really powerful and sustainable way.  She has some great freebies on her site and is launching a full course soon.  Go over to her website to learn more about her!




Do you immediately feel overwhelmed when someone talks about a healthy lifestyle or mentions healthy changes?


We get overwhelmed because we feel like we don’t have time to shop for or eat healthy foods (even though you’ve already made time for 90% of what you need to do). You might think you don’t have enough time to workout — or even if you did, that you would have no idea what to do. And even if you did workout, what if it didn’t work? What if you didn’t lose the weight you wanted to or you didn’t get stronger? Would it all have been a waste of time? If ALL of that has a good chance of failing, why even start?


Not only is it overwhelming, but it’s discouraging!


I hear you!


But here’s the thing: real healthy changes aren’t nearly that overwhelming.


You’ve already made time for 90% of what you need to do, you don’t have to do long workouts, you can achieve the results you want and it will absolutely be worth it because you’ll feel more confident, happy and free.


Let’s take a big, deep breath together and look at four easy ways you can reduce the overwhelm of healthy changes. Plus, you can join me every Friday on Facebook live for real talk about motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to register and you’ll also get a motivation checklist!


#1 Think differently about your time


You’ve already made time for 90% of what you need to do. If you eat every day, you don’t need to make any extra time to eat! So much of your health is really impacted by your food choices.


Creating a healthy lifestyle includes making some different choices, like cooking more than eating out and keeping veggies and healthy snacks around the house — but those healthy choices don’t have to require more time. Sure, you could prepare a 3 hour gourmet meal if you want to, but it’s not necessary.


Big sigh of relief here!


#2 Know where to look


You don’t have to know everything to start making healthy changes, all you have to do is get started! Use the knowledge you already have.


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You don’t have to know exactly what to do. All you have to know is where to look and that you’re ready for healthy changes.


#3 Know what you want (and don’t want)


Chances are that if you’re spending a good amount of time on Pinterest, Instagram, or possibly even Facebook, that you’re inundated with #bodygoals and #fitspiration pictures.


But you need to ask yourself this: Do you actually want to look like the women in those pictures?


If you do, you can absolutely get that body, but know that it will take a lot of hard work and determination (super strict meal plans, consistent, intense workouts, etc.). If you want that rock hard body, you have to be willing to work for it. (Also keep in mind that nobody got that body overnight.)


But I’m guessing you don’t actually want to be that ripped. I’m guessing you might want to shed a few pounds, feel great and be comfortable wearing shorts.


And if that’s the case, that’s the goal you need to work toward. Be honest with yourself about what you want – and what you don’t want. Don’t spend any more time staring at those half naked women as if they’re your inspiration if you don’t even want to look like that. It’s messing with your brain.


#4 You can always make exceptions and adjust


So many exercise and diet programs out there focus on an intense regimen that lasts 3 weeks and leaves room for NO EXCUSES!


That’s just not realistic.


If you want a healthy LIFEstyle, you have to make LIFEstyle changes, not just intense changes that you only keep for 3 weeks. That includes making exceptions and adjustments where needed.


If you go out to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, indulge a little, just don’t do it every day. If you find you’re hating your workout or your meals, find an alternative!


A healthy lifestyle comes down to making more healthy choices than unhealthy choices.


Make sure to join me every Friday at 12pm MST/2pm EST on Facebook live for real talk about motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Register here and you’ll also get a motivation checklist!



Amanda is an average, busy 30 year old who is passionate about realistic healthy lifestyles and tries to keep a balanced life. She started blogging because she was sick of seeing her friends and family get frustrated by diets and intense from the start programs that didn’t work. She’s determined to help other busy women create sustainable, healthy lifestyles on their own – without diets or trainers. She’s lost 30 lbs on her own and has sustained a healthy lifestyle for 5+ years all while working full-time. Now she’s dedicated to teaching you how to do the same. Learn more about her and her free course: Create a Healthy Lifestyle™ here.







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