Thriving with Hypothyroid

healthy living  with thyroid


I used to really loathe my thyroid.  I was so angry at it and blamed it for my years of struggling with weight, exhaustion and other annoying symptoms.  Why was I the only one in my family to have this. Why was I plagued with the weight gain disease?


To make matters worse, (my fellow hypothyroid and hashimoto’s ladies will understand) I always felt that no one even believed me when I said I didn’t eat much and that I exercised constantly just to maintain my weight and not gain.  I always had a sinking feeling that people were secretly poking fun at me and rolling their eyes in disbelief when I said I forced myself to eat only 1200 calories a day and I thought my colleagues at my weight management company where I worked for 13 years believed I sneaked twinkies and pizza at night and exerted no effort at the gym.  


Nothing was further from the truth.  


In fact, because I knew my thyroid hindered my efforts that I had to work that much harder than other people who didn’t have this “disadvantage”


It was this obsessive effort to prove to myself and others that despite hypothyroidism, I could lose weight, I could exercise like the best of them and I could live in a smaller body that led me to disordered eating and over-exercising in the first place.


It wasn’t the only factor, of course.  Just by living in this country and in this dieting culture made me convinced I was not enough UNLESS and until I permanently lived in a smaller body – one that I so longed for but was so hard to attain.


I managed my thyroid for years diligently getting my levels checked every 3 months, adjusting medication when needed and trying alternative approaches as well.  


What I didn’t realize is that hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder and what I eat and what selfcare I give myself matters in mitigating my symptoms.  How I manage my stress is also essential for reducing inflammation and helping my endocrine system work in tandem with the rest of my body to help me feel my best.


I no longer loathe my thyroid.  Just like every other part of my body, it is working its best to help me feel good and thrive.  So what if it’s a little sluggish at times? If I learn to appreciate how it serves and protects me, instead of focus on its shortcomings I can work with my body, instead of against it to help me feel my best.


Besides, what has ever grown into its potential and strength by bullying and criticizing? Very few things grow from that kind of stress and derision.


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Tell me.  How do you manage your Hashimoto’s and/or hypothyroidism?  I’d love to hear all your approaches in managing this condition.

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