Top 10 Crunchy snacks that don’t involve chips!

As a health coach people are always telling me they miss the crunch factor when moving from unhealthy foods like chips and crackers to a more plant based focus. Here are the strategies I give them, which help me with my own crunch bias on a daily basis!

  1. Cucumbers – my go to snack for car rides. I go right for the gusto, not even bothering to cut it up
  2. Peppers – I cut these in strips and put them in baggies to snack on.
  3. Snap peas – sweet, delicious, healthy – what more can you ask for?
  4. Rice cakes with almond butter – protein rich and a satisfying crunch in one
  5. Baby carrots with hummus or guacamole
  6. Apples – with 7500 worldwide varieties there are certainly a lot to choose from
  7. Raw cauliflower – I love the mouth feel of cauliflower and the kind of crunchiness that cauliflowers provide is very satisfying
  8. Raw cashew nuts – great crunch, naturally sweet and a good protein source. Just a handful can suffice
  9. Raw or blanched string beans
  10. Popcorn – skinny pop is a brand I like or else air popped

Which healthier crunchy snacks do you grab for during the day?

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