My top 10 Food items at Trader Joes

Trader Joes top 10


Ok, so I have a thing for Trader Joes: the friendly, helpful staff, the unique food products (especially holiday items!) and the overall down-to-earth vibe (and prices) really makes this grocery store one of my favorites. Today, I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favorite items from them and hope that you have one near you to take advantage!

Feel free to print out this list for your next shopping excursion and let me know what you think about each item!


1. Soycutash


(freezer section) I love this medley of soybeans, corn and peppers and often use it as a base for my meal. I add veggie meatballs and some tomato sauce and I’ve got a ridiculously easy, quick, protein and fiber rich dinner.


2. Roasted corn


(freezer section) Sometimes I’ll add this to top off my meal. It’s got that really delicious authentic grilled corn taste and can be microwaved in 4 minutes.


3. Masala Veggie Burger


(freezer section) If you love Indian food, this vegetarian burger should be on your list ASAP. It’s got a deep, sweet and complex flavor that I absolutely love, on it’s own or with veggies.


4. Melodious blend


(freezer section) This is simply lentils, garbanzos, and tomatoes are drizzled with a splash extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Add fish or chicken to it or have it alone as a main vegetarian meal.


5. 10-minute Farro


If you’ve ever made Farro before (and I highly recommend you try it if not) you know that it often takes 30-40 minutes to make it on the stove top. Trader Joes has a 10-minute version that is every bit as tasty and nutritious. Highly recommended as a complex-carb base for a lunch or dinner. Sometimes I’ll make it as a base for a salad, add beans, cucumber and an incredible dressing and voila, another quick and nutrient-dense meal.


6. Frozen Organic Brown Rice


Same idea as the Farro but made in the microwave in literally 3 minutes. Use it with stir fry, in salads or alone with some grilled chicken and veggies.


7. Baked tofu


(refrigerator section) I buy this when I’m too lazy to make my own tofu. It comes in a plastic container and is fully cooked and marinated and ready to add to a meal or snack.


8. Soy-vay Island


(condiments aisle) This is an amazingly delicious soy-sauce based condiment that I use on everything.


9. Wasabi Hummus


(refrigerator section) Need I say more?


10. Butternut Squash parmigiana


(frozen section) One of their amazing Fall limited time specialty items.


Tell me: What did I leave out that you love at Trader Joes?


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