My top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts Guide

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Its cliche but our health is the most important gift we have.  However, when things get chaotic, stressful and busy, we tend to cut out the lowest hanging fruit, which sadly is often our own-self care and health habits.


I’m not immune to this either!


There are many days when I grapple with having to make tough choices about either getting my kids to the bus in time or squeezing in that short meditation bout which I know will center me for the whole day.  Or there are times when I chose a project I’m working on for my business over getting to a gym class.  We simply can’t do it all, so we often cut out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.  Over the years, I’ve gotten better at shedding the guilt at choosing self-care over other seemingly more important priorities but it’s amazing when we can find efficiencies and services and products that can give us a leg up at making us feel our best.  This is not just around healthy eating and exercise by the way.  It includes sleep hygiene, meditation and other stress reducing techniques, mind/body holistic care and even spiritual self-care and community and intellectual pursuits.

During the holidays this year, please consider giving a friend or family member (or yourself for goodness sake!) one of my suggested healthy holiday gifts!

Is there anything you would add or change?  Please list the service or product below!


In no particular order….screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-4-21-41-pm1. Is it Jewelry?  Is it a health monitor?  Actually it’s both!  This beautiful gift is both worn as jewelry (in many forms – necklace, bracelet etc) but it’s also a sleep, activity and even reproductive health monitor.   Check it out and purchase it here.

Jewelry and health monitor


2. When I’ve had the means to do so, I absolutely love belonging to a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is essentially a share in someone’s farm.  What this means is that you get the freshest, local, organic and seasonal produce from about June through November.  This is an excellent gift for those who want to add more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet and want to experiment and cook with seasonal produce.  You can get a full listing of the closest CSA to you HERE.




3. I’m going to admit that I was really skeptical about the benefits of this next one.  I was proven wrong though and I am so glad I invested in a Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp. (even though my husband makes fun of me for having it and talking about negative ions and its benefits).  Truthfully, I don’t know if the benefits listed are legit or not but if they are, then its even more awesome.  If not, I still love it, right on my bedside table because of the warm and comforting light it emits and the serene glow that makes going to sleep even more of a pleasure for me.  Buy it on amazon right here.  They are not expensive can be placed in multiple parts of your home.

Salt Crystal


4. Speaking of sleep – sleep rituals and hygiene are top of the list for overall health quality. Studies have shown that both lack of sleep and quality of sleep can cause major health problems including hormone irregularity, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.  Disclaimer: I do not own this next item but I have read about it and it sounds very effective and so comfy!  It’s a gel pillow that also has memory foam.  Have you ever tried one of these?  Its on my wishlist (hint, hint!)

cool gel pillow



5. My friend and fellow blogger and coach, Sarah Steckler, has put together an amazing self-care holiday bundle!  It includes a 20 Day Course of Self-Care Strategies and The Complete Financial Self-Care Budget System.  For the self-care course, it includes a self-care assessment, sleep quality and rituals improvement, journaling techniques and a lot more.  The financial self-care course gives you a complete system gives you everything you need to track your spending, increase your savings, and ditch the overwhelm when it comes to your mula. Purchase the bundle right here.




6. I’ve also been wanting to sample aromatherapy and using essential oils to support my health.   Essential oils not only smell lovely and fill the room with olfactory goodness, but they have some really amazing health benefits as well.  To see just a few of what these benefits my be, check out this article.   Amazon has a pretty good sale going on now for a beginner’s starter kit of essential oils.  Purchase it here.





7. Have you ever passed by a trendy, boutique gym and felt that you wanted to try it out but couldn’t because of the membership requirements and costs?  Buying someone a Class Pass could give them an opportunity to try out many different types of classes from Soul Cycle to Pure Barre, Zumba and everything in between, without having to join that particular gym.  It’s quite brilliant actually and obviously physical exercise is top on anyone’s health priorities.  Grab a gift card to Class Pass here.




8. Another friend of mine, Holistic Health Coach, Cait Byrnes has a 21-day Radical Reset program she is offering.  It includes a Radical reset guidebook, 21 day habit tracker, 40 cheap and free ways to feel your best and daily emails for encouragement.  Purchase the program here!




9. For the super-stressed type A friend or family member, (or lets be honest, for anyone really) try  You can purchase subscriptions either monthly or yearly for a pretty reasonable rate and it includes all kinds of really relaxing and powerful guided meditations, body scans, gratefulness challenges and more.  They also have accompanying realistic visual platform like watching a sunset, moving clouds, a crackling fireplace or a beach tide coming in.  It’s heaven just to go to the main site and listen and watch for a few minutes.




10. I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer something of my own for you to give as a gift to a loved one or for yourself!  I’m offering a 4 -week Foundations of Kind and Gentle Weight Loss program (with group coaching),  a 7-day dietary and non-dietary holistic cleanse (starts in January) or a 13-guided meditations bundle.




Honorable Mentions:

I could have actually put about 50 options on this list but wanted to keep it compact and easy to digest!  Please consider the following options as well if the 10 above don’t work for you!

Kombucha Brooklyn

Instant Pot

Healthy Chips Maker


Thrive Market

Cultures for Health

The Purple Carrot