Unique Coaching Niches {expert round-up post}

Coaching is a huge, booming industry and career choice .  The profession as a coach extends to health, money management, spirituality and beyond.


Back in the day, not even 20 years ago however, when you thought of the word coach, you’d probably conjure up your high school gym teacher or perhaps your Dad coaching little league.


It wasn’t until the term “life coaching” took off in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when we started to recognize the term coach as really anyone that coaches or counsels others to get “unstuck” in their lives.  (To read a history of life coaching, click here)


While life coaching was the generic and catch-all term used at the time to encompass supporting people in all aspects of their lives, coaching now has become so niched down and splintered off that you can literally find a specific coach for any one area of your life that is calling for more growth or attention.  And that is good news to anyone reading this article!  Need help with sparking creativity?  We’ve got a coach for that.  Need support with your online marketing?  Yep, there’s a coach for that.  Wondering how to be a more conscious mom?  We’ve even got a coach for that.


The 8 coaches you’ll hear from below have devoted their skills and passions into helping other people in very specific ways.  Some of these niches you will never thought to even have existed.  Each of them share their heartfelt wisdom for the particular clientele they serve and I hope you get as much out of the pithy and sage advice they have to give.


Are you a coach with a unique niche?  List your info below and let the world know about your services!


Kristy Marshall – Money Management Coach

BioAs a money coach, Kristy Marshall focuses her clients to enjoy life with money and find where cents parallel vision; Money Bliss is loaded with helpful money tips to budget, save money, get out of debt while living life to the fullest.

Who do you Serve?  Pretty much everyone is my target audience

What had you interested in this specific niche?   It was something I was helping others with on a daily basis. So, I wanted to expand my reach.

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  

Our society cannot run without the use of money. We touch money every single day in some shape or form. The amount of debt per household is outrageous. We need to enjoy life and money.

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?  “Where Cents Parallel Vision”




Alissa Carpenter – Career discovery and personal development Coach

BioAlissa Carpenter is a Career Discovery and Personal Development Coach and owner of Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK.  She coaches twenty somethings to thrive in both their personal and professional lives by identifying their strengths, navigating their weaknesses, creating strategic partnerships, narrowing down their purpose and implementing their passions.

Who do you Serve?  Twenty Somethings (Millennials)

What had you interested in this specific niche?  

I’ve been working as a higher education administrator for over a decade and have noticed a gap between the support available in higher education and the “real world.” I wanted to provide the necessary support for people as they are going through or trying to prevent a “quarter life crisis.”

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  

I’ve seen so many clients and students afraid and nervous to share their NOT OK moments with others.  It’s important for people to realize that it’s OK not to be OK and move towards making a change in their lives.  We all have those moments but it’s what we do about them that counts the most.

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?  “First think NO and then try to convince yourself YES.”  As much as we like to add on new experiences and help others it’s important to take a step back and evaluate if we have the capacity, bandwidth and time to do so.  Without efficient self-care, accountability and support we can easily lose track of who we are and what we want out of life.”




Sarah Steckler – Life & Holistic Wellness Coach

BioSarah Steckler is a Life & Holistic Wellness Coach who helps women declutter their mind, simplify their life, and live with more aligned intention. Find her at:

Who do you Serve?  Busy women looking for ways to simplify daily life and ritualize their routines

What had you interested in this specific niche? 

There are so many amazing, successful, badass women out there that struggle with putting themselves first, creating daily habits that give them mental energy, or knowing how or when they need to make time for powerful self-care.

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  

Women are constantly reaching out and serving others, often compromising how much effort they put into taking care of themselves. When women empower themselves through self-care, the world changes in profound, significant ways.

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?

“You are worthy of taking time for yourself, even if it means taking time away from others. This world is yours to show up in and when you find ways to ritualize your self-care and adjust daily routines so they serve you, there’s a whole new world that opens up full of fulfillment, joy, ease, and inner strength. Give yourself permission to start from where you are, to grow at your own speed, and know that you don’t have to feel 100% confident to take action.”

Barbie Paget – Healthy Success and Lifestyle Coach

Bio:  Barbie Paget is a badass coach, certified in: holistic nutrition, transformation life coaching, and various fitness instruction modalities; Barbie helps women overcome feeling stuck so they can live happier, healthier, more successful lives.  Find her at:

Who do you Serve? Women who feel stuck. Especially bridging the gap between physical & emotional wellness and career success. So it’s goal & mindset integrated with nutrition.

What had you interested in this specific niche?  

I wanted to do goal, success and mindset coaching but time after time what my clients seemed to be struggling with was nutrition. I wanted to create a way they could get support & connect the dots with how nutrition was effecting things like mood, memory, cognition and how vital it is to their career & daily success.

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  I feel like Nutrtion & wellness is very siloed. Looking at the whole, instead of the parts and incorporating wellness and mindfulness into all things really can help bring balance many people crave.

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?

“Your journey will take time. Focus on loving yourself as you are today and every day of the process, rather than fixating on an end goal or a result.”

Neil Sheth – Online Marketing Coach

Bio: Neil is the founder of Only Way Online, a Content driven SEO agency in London, helping business attract more enquiries and sales online. He also trains smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in SEO and Online Marketing at Your Brand Found.

Who do you Serve?  Entrepreneurs and Very Small Businesses

What had you interested in this specific niche?  I’ve been launching and marketing my own websites for the past 8 years, and therefore helping others through coaching just made sense.

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  I coach from example. There’s too many experts in my industry who provide coaching but are not on the front line doing it for themselves, and therefore decided I want to fill this gap and give advice that is incredibly current.

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?“As Tony Robbins says, doing the right things, at the wrong times, can lead to pain. That is why coaching or taking a course on the area that you want to develop an expertise can hugely reduce your learning curve and save you time.”

Winston Henderson – Breakthrough and Consistency Mentor

Bio:  Winston A. Henderson is a Break Through and Consistency Mentor that equips and empowers others to finally break through and overcome the mental barriers and limiting beliefs keeping them from achieving their goals.  Find him at:

                                                       Who do you Serve?  

 those who struggle to take action towards their goals and dreams because they are held back by mental barriers such as fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and those who        need the strategies to help them stick with their goals long enough until they get the results they desire

What had you interested in this specific niche?  

I was always obsessed with answering the question as to why those of us (myself included at one point) would want to change or accomplish a goal so badly, but we wouldn’t take action towards it, or would take action but not follow through to the end. To this day I’m still obsessed with gaining greater insights into answering this question, at least now I have enough experience and insight to offer help to others struggling as I did

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  

because I see a lot of talented and gifted people out there who could really achieve some amazing things in their lifetime, but because they are held back by fears or doubts, they allow that to sabotage their success, and that pains my heart. The sad part is there isn’t anyone out there who is really offering step-by-step actionable approaches to help them that actually works, it’s all fluff and feel good motivation, I want to offer a solution for the person who wants actually results, who wants actually change

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?

“If you’re not getting started because you’re worried about what other people may say or think about you, what you need to know is they’re already saying and thinking things about you anyway, so you might as well give them your greatness to talk about rather than your mediocrity”

Megan Dowd – Embodied Movement Coach

Bio:  Megan Dowd is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor (Levels 1 & 2, Matwork and Reformer), here to help you feel the best you possibly can in the rockin’ bod you were born with.  Find her at:

Who do you Serve?  

Creative Professionals (25-45) who love their work and forget to take care of their own bodies; those looking to incorporate mindful movement without joining a studio

What had you interested in this specific niche?  

I’m a classically trained actress, my drama conservatory program emphasized Alexander Technique, and this first brought my awareness to breath and embodied movement. From there it was an easy progression to my love of Pilates to wanting to become a trained and certified instructor. There are so many easy tweeks we can make in our day to day movement that will greatly improve our physical quality of life and promote awareness throughout the body. After becoming a STOTT PILATES¬Æ Certified Instructor I wanted to show people how Pilates principles can be applied to everyday life and still reap some embodied movement benefits.

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  

Mindfulness is getting a big push (yay!) and I think it’s important to connect that with knowing our own bodies and understanding what our physical norms are like. Working out and embarking on a new physical fitness regime is awesome, and it can be made even more effective when you have a baseline knowledge of what your body already feels like so you can more effectively measure progress.

                                           If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?  

“1 – All bodies are amazing, yours included. We are built to do hard things and I encourage you to have inherent respect for yours.

2 – Mindful movement doesn’t need to get too “woo woo” – I just want you to learn more about YOUR body and become more aware of how you’re moving.”

Caroline Guntur – Photo Organizing Coach

Bio:  I’m a Certified Photo Organizer who helps people organize, preserve, and share their memories in both digital and print form.  Find her at

Who do you Serve?  People with digital messes

What had you interested in this specific niche?  Background in genealogy + photography + organizing

Why is this type of coaching so needed today?  What matters more than your memories?

If you could impart words of wisdom for your perfect client, what would it be?

“Take care of your photos now because they can’t be replaced once lost”