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Jenny is the founder and owner of Jenny Eden Coaching - a coaching practice devoted to help men, women and teens create a more healthy and sustainable relationship with food and their body image. She is an Eating Psychology Coach, a mindful eating instructor and health and wellness blogger. She specializes in kind and gentle weight loss, unique binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices. 





What if you could feel at ease, confident and in love with food again?
"The best part about working with Jenny is that she provides almost instant feedback. Any questions, concerns, comments,  etc… she is right there for you. She is one of the most positive people I’ve ever worked with and she won’t ever steer you in the wrong direction."
Jade B 

If you've ever dealt with emotional eating, binge or stress eating or just not knowing how or what to eat, my services are for you.

What if you could feel at ease, confident and in love with your BODY again?
"I love how Jenny combines her extensive knowledge and her incredible sensitivity to help us live our healthiest lives and to be our healthiest selves.  It's part science, part therapy, part educational with lots of empathy and kindness thrown in.  It seems that no matter the subject at hand - Jenny can offer sound advice, attainable goals and wonderful encouragement.  I've been involved with Jenny since the Spring, and its changed my life in so many ways...and not just on the scale.
Caren C.

If you've ever been frustrated by false-starts, consistency with keeping in healthy behaviors and how you feel about your body, this video series is for you.

What if you tried a proven and effective method to completely transform the way you view eating and your body?

You'd be relieved and ready to go right?

"If you have struggled with binge eating and emotional eating, you know how defeating and frustrating it can feel. You've likely tried everything and don't know where to turn for a real change.  But Jenny's services and courses are different - it's truly life-changing.  Jenny uses techniques backed by breakthrough research along with powerful mind-body practices to help you completely change your perspective on eating, body image, exercise, and weight loss.  You'll learn to love youself and your body through your binge eating challenges, tune into your body's true wisdom, and see results that actually WORK for life.
Not to mention, Jenny is so warm and relatable!
Lauren Stewart - Owner, Plant your Peace

It all starts by downloading and viewing my 6 part video series on Emotional Eating below - completely for FREE.